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. >>> good morning. >>> the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others have been killed as protesters attacked u.s. consulate in benghazi. >>> live from the newsroom with the latest developments. >>> right now the president is taking action ordering all necessary resources to support to carry and libya and u.s. diplomatic posts around the globe. u.s. ambassador christopher stevenson's at bay area ties born in northern california and group and piedmont earning his undergraduate degree in uc berkeley in 1982 and used with us cool in 1989 stevens is the first u.s. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979 happening on the anniversary of 911 the so far no official word if there's any connection between the two events which do know gunman charged the consulate and set fire to the building and the protesters were angry over a film ridiculing as slum profit mohammed. it was produced by american named reportedly now hiding promoted by an egyptian born into a muslim advocate in the u.s. and excerpts were transmitted to arabic of coastal new to 3/8 trevelyan's earlier people protesting
in the port of benghazi and began building our relationships with libya's revolutionaries. he risked his life to stop a tyrant then gave his life trying to help build a better libya. the world needs more chris stevenses. i spoke with his sister ann this morning and told her that he will be remembered as a hero by many nations. sean smith was an air force veteran. he spent ten years as an information management officer in the state department. he was posted at the hague and was in libya on a brief temporary assignment. he was a husband to his wife heather, with whom i spoke this morning. he was a father to two young children, samantha and nathan. they will grow up being proud of the service their father gave to our country, service that took him from pretoria to baghdad and finally to benghazi. the mission that drew chris and sean and their colleagues to libya is both noble and necessary, and we and the people of libya honor their memory by carrying it forward. this is not easy. today many americans are asking -- indeed, i asked myself -- how could this happen? how could this happen in a count
to libya is among those killed. david martin reports it may have been a terrorist strike timed to 9/11. been a terrorist strike timed to 9/11. mitt romney adds controversy 9/11. mitt romney adds controversy with sharp criticism of u.s. foreign policy. jan crawford asks the governor about that. president obama's first interview since the you said in your acceptance speech that you are mindful of your own failings. >> yeah. >> pelley: what are they? and jim axelrod walks on a river run dry as the nation struggles with a historic drought. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there is developing evidence tonight that suggests that the killing of four american diplomats in libya may have been a terrorist attack, not the mob violence that was first suspected. u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three members of his staff were killed overnight in the fiery wreckage of the u.s. consulate in the city of benghazi. it happened after hundreds of people converged on the consulate to protest a little- known internet film that r
increase for u.s. diplomats around the world after attackers kill the ambassador to libya and storm the embassy in the egyptian capital. >>> the mini turmoil takes center stage in the campaign. president obama and mitt romney trade jabs over the government's response. >> ditching the evidence. with police in hot pursuit, suspected bank robbers toss cash from their vehicles and hundreds of people are there to scoop it up. re to this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, september 13, 2012. up. ths th captioning funded by cbs for thursday, september 13, 2012. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. i'm terrell brown. another protest outside of the u.s. embassy in egypt turned violent, 24 hours after protesters stormed the embassy in cairo and deadly attack in libya. egyptian riot police fired warning shots and tear gas to push protesters back. many chanted anti-u.s. slogans. president obama called the presidents of egypt and libya last night. the white house thanked the libyan president for cooperation. the investigation is under way for the death of chris stevens, sean smith and
. ♪ wells fargo. hit new details of the attack on the american consulate in libya. the elite group of marines being sent in and how i bay area ambassador spent his final moments. did way to will be tougher to fiat of the bay area airports the delays start this weekend's but the bad news is how long it lasts. the airways suspected bank robbers trying to make an unusual get away. they threw their lives out the window. and to be careful where you store those old batteries. by keeping them the wrong place could cause them to explode. good evening. dick waves right now u.s. warships and submarines are on the moves libya. it comes one day after u.s. ambassador christopher stephens a bay area native and three members of his staff were killed. tonight there is evidence to suggest that the stop the attack on u.s. consulates may have been a terrorist attack not the mumbai islands originally suspected. a memorial was held a short time ago but first-reporter elizabeth cook shows us how the attack winds down in to the political fallout. dirichlet's u.s. intelligence officials tell cbs news this
ordered or less since the resources to support security in libya. it credited to estimate the arm and the ambassador to the had been ill and had ties. he was born in northern california and pulled up in piedmont. his undergraduate degree came to berkeley and went to moscow at uc hastings college in 1989. it happened tuesday. gunman charged consulate as of 5 to the building. protesters were and go over from the road to the slums profit the fund was promoted by an american. >>> and make all of people angry. because we will >>> the turned on the american flag and replace it with an american ba >>> obama just came up with in a statement strongly condemning these attacks >>> is still unclear whether there could killed as part of an attack in the city. you do the and that's the closely question much as a heat i did he was the key to the academy he was a fraternity brother of mine. he was acquitted by a guy and very intelligent. we're talking about quist and all the wonderful things that he has done. i'm shocked and you read the story is so this one of his home. >>> of this hundred and w
on on the emergency personnel out of libya and the state department is warning u.s. citizens not to travel there. chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador to libya, was killed as the american consulate came under attack. u.s. officials confirm stevens, shaun smyth, and two other americans, were killed as they try to evacuate staff members from the complex. shall make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked at people. >> gunman armed with automatic weapons stormed the consulate overnight. a mob of mostly conservative muslims was protesting an american they felt that they believe insults' the profit muhammed. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths. >> stevens was a career diplomat who had already served two tours in libya. the unrest started in egypt, where demonstrators scaled a wall of the u.s. embassy and tore down the american flag, all in the name of religion. republican white house hopeful mitt romney accused the obama administration of sending mixed signals about condemning the attacks. >> administrati
'll cover it all from all sides with the president of libya's general national congress mohamed magariaf. u.n. ambassador susan rice, and republican senator john mccain. for analysis we'll look to former u.s. ambassador to israel martin indyk. the president of the council on foreign relations, richard haass. and "new york times" columnist tom friedman. plus we'll talk to the chief washington correspondent of the "times" david sanger. "time" magazine deputy international editor bobby ghosh. and cbs news political director, john dickerson. this is "face the nation" upon captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. with >> good morning again. and here is the latest news from overnight. four american military people have been killed in an attack in southern afghanistan. this happened when at least one afghan police officer opened fire on them at a checkpoint. the state department has ordered all nonessential u.s. embassy personnel to leave tunisia and sudan, and protests against americans continue in at least 20 countries. we're going to start t
by the president as the violence that killed them spreads. s. the people of egypt, libya, >> tator ford tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob. >> charlie y: reports from nancy cordes, charlie d'agata, and b schieffeiams. ead in teffer with our new poll e house.who's ahead in the race for the white house. a l candid interview, president obama says he's lost a lot being ircumstat. force oomp, the circumstance, the title, the air force one, all that stuff probably isn't ley: bute sacrifice. >> pelley: but he tells us the one thing that makes the sacrifice worth it. who seeve hartman "on the road" with a chef who serves up a generous portion of kindness. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs eveni this is the "cbs evening news" elley: gott pelley. "patrioty: good evening, "patriots" is the word president obama used to describe the four americans killed in libya as their flag-draped caskets e clinto home late today. the president, secretary of state clinton, and defense secretary panetta were among outs those at joint base andrews outside washington to honor the
to libya and three of his staff were killed. this morning, target is the american interests in yemen capital. weapons in the air chanting death to america stormed the embassy compound. yemeni officials in the u.s. say no casualties have been reported. >> meanwhile, protests are escalating today in other cities at the u.s. embassy in cairo. egyptian police are using tear gas to drive away demonstrators. holly williams is in cairo. holly, good morning. >> good morning. while some of the protests here, protesters here in cairo, chi hoe seemed to have stayed on the streets all night. the egyptian riot police have now succeeded in pushing them back several hundred yards from the u.s. embassy but say no sign of leading. we're now hearing another live scale demonstration is being planned for tomorrow. >> these demonstrations were sparked by a film many muslims found offensive. in cairo, protests have turned into running street battles, young men throwing stones, fighting egyptian riot police who targeted them with tear gas. two nights ago, they've failed to stop protesters from breaking int
stevens and i'm the new ambassador to libya >> chris stevens was a charismatic white leader, one of the first american diplomats sent to libya in 2007 and helped free the people from moammar gadhafi >> he was exactly the kind of american ambassador that any of us would want in that post because he understood libyans and libyans like him >> in his video he made it clear that he liked them >> i was thrilled to watch the libyan people stand up and demand their rights >> he was called a natural diplomat, someone who did not stay in his office but would go out into the community. in may he was named u.s. ambassador to libya. last night he and three others were killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate. >> my understanding is that the reason he was killed was that he went back into save his people, his employees >> stevens graduated from piedmont high school and then went to uc-berkeley >> he was a fun-loving man who knew how to get things done but to do them with a smile on his face. relentlessly optimistic >> he joined the peace corps and attended hastings law school. he set out to m
erupted in kabul, afghanistan. the leader of hezbollah is calling for protests at u.s. embassies and libya, 50 people have been arrested in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate, some foreigners. there are questions on how the deadly assault was carried out. susan mcginnis has more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. the u.s. is sending more military force certain hot spots after this new violence in kabul and hezbollah calling for more protests, indicating the tensions could escalate across the arab world. hundreds of protesters are clashing with police and marching towards a u.s. military base in kabul, afghanistan. it's the latest in a wave of violence connected with an american made anti-islam film. protests in pakistan turned deadly sunday when demonstrators clashed with police outside the u.s. consulate in karachi. one protester was killed, u.s. officials say all americans inside the mission are safe. in tripoli, lebanon this weekend protesters went after symbols of america including a kfc and hardee's restaurant. the head of the militant grou
by the fallen officer son and niece. >> word of the arrests in libya in tuesday's deadly assault on the u.s. consulate. u.s. ambassador chris stevens, a bay area native, was among four americans killed in the attacks. another victim was a 42 year- old from san diego. the news comes as a anti- american fury over an anti islamic film continues to spread across borders. protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen and there were violent riots in libya and egypt. a protest in cairo is happening right now. so far no reports of any violence from this demonstration but danielle nottingham explains the worst may be yet to come. >> protests over an anti muslim film on you to continue through the night in cairo. during the day riot police used tear gas to keep angry demonstrators away from the u.s. embassy. in yemen police used water cannons to hold off protesters who earlier climbed over the embassy's iron gate. fresh eye and anti-american demonstrations also broke out in iraq. >> there is no justification, not at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> secretary of state hillary clint
in libya arrived on american soil. president and vice president attended the ceremony along with the families. remains were brought to andrews air force base in maryland. steven screwed up in the bay area and went to cal. the president called the fallen american heroes who now entered another country. >> the fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better than before. that is who they work. and that is who we are. if we want to truly honor their memory, we must always be. >> these are live pictures from andrews air force base right now where officials are investigating whether the assault was a terrorist attack that took advantage of the protests in the arab world over anti muslim video. hillary clinton says the united states has nothing to do with that film, that however has not stopped anti-american protests from spreading across the muslim world. danielle nottingham has more now from washington. >> protesters hurled rocks at police and try to take control of the street leading to the u.s. embassy in cairo. egyptian security forces drove them back
and other western embassies remain on high alert. in libya's president said 50 people have been arrested in the attack that kill kd the u.s. ambassador and three members of his team. at the same time there are diverging views on who is responsible for the attack. anna werner begins our coverage from washington. >> reporter: in the five days since ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in libya, violent protests against the u.s. have reached more than 50 cities. clashes with security forces outside the u.s. consulate in karachi, pakistan, today, left at least one protestor dead and eight others injured. this weekend the u.s. was busy evacuating nonessential personnel from sudan and tunisia, urging american citizens to get out. today on "face the nation" libyan president mohammed el magariaf said he believes last week's deadly attack in benghazi was premeditated. >> the way the perpetrators acted, moved, this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> reporter: but u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice disagrees telling bob schieffer that i
about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. yesterday a senior official said that christopher stevens and three others died in a terrorist attack. fbi investigators arrived in libya and should reach benghazi in a few days. an actress that appears in the anti-islam film that triggered riots across the middle east is suing the filmmaker. she said she was unaware of the anti-islam content. glenn dougherty was buried yesterday. he was working as a private security guard at the consulate. he had been in libya two weeks when he was killed. glenn dougherty was 42 years old. cbs money watch. hundreds of flight cancellations for american airlines and american eagle and who is the biggest loser on forbes richest american list? that doesn't even sound right. >> reporter: you can be much of a loser there. good morning. labor strike is forcing american airlines and its regional carrier american eagle to cancel 300 flights this week. pilots have been calling in sick after rejecting the company's last contract offer. there's been an increase in the number of maintenance repo
>> a violent protest in yemen, new arrests on the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya >> i will pinpoint the day that it will be the warmest with your forecast. >> late running road work is what is causing these big delays right now. >> good morning everyone. >> the time is 6:00. firefighters in antioch are busy this morning. three separate fires of broke out within an hour of each other. >> investigators are calling those fire suspicious. >> two of the three fires overnight happened at this strip mall behind me. the damage does not look at significant this morning but look at the flames from overnight. there was some exterior damage and some damage to the roof of this building. you're looking at one of three fires, two of them burn on either side of the strip mall. this one appears to of started on the outside but then moved through the inside. >> fire on the northwest side of the building and then we had another additional exterior fire on the southeast side of the building and one hour before that there was a fire down the street so we do have an investigator in route. >
states is gathering evidence in the murders of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans, but he said "there is no doubt that the assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi this past september 11 wasn't just a mob action." evidence is growing that the murder of ambassador chris ssevens was planned and targeted. in new york today the president of libya met with secretary of ofate clinton at the united nations. he said that the libyan people had lost a friend. a year ago in libya a bunch of ragtag militias overthrew the dictator moammar qaddafi and ne's one of those militias that's suspected in the attack on the americans. ttat attack was apparently the last straw for the people in benghazi. elizabeth palmer reports the sitizens there have risen up to throw the militias out. >> reporter: furious citizens took matters into their own hands. on friday night, crowds overran bases controlled by extremist militias in benghazi and drove them out. by dawn, three bases were just burned-out shells. during the battle to topple colonel qaddafi last year these same men were seen as heroe
happened in libya, where our u.s. ambassador was killed. they said, susan rice said on this broadcast last sunday, after the president of libya said this was the work of terrorists, she said, no, this was because of a spontaneous demonstration that had to do with that film. now they have come around to saying, well, yes, it was a terrorist attack. is mitt romney making enough of this? i haven't heard too much from him on that. >> bob, what struck me-- and i have nope the director of national intelligence for years. he's a bright man. he's a competent man. this administration in effect is now saying, "oh, don't blame the united nations ambassador. don't blame the white house spokesman. don't blame the president, because our intelligence system failed so decisively." i don't know which worries me more, the idea that the intelligence system took weeks to figure out the obvious-- although we are told in fact they had information the day before the attack because the video that went out from al qaeda asking that the ambassador-- somebody be killed on 9/11 was a day earlier. so i don't know whet
.s. officials continue to investigate the violent demonstrations in libya that left four americans dead. aggressive action by the federal reserve, the central bank announces a new initiative designed to spur the economy and put americans back to work. and its effect can already be measured on wall street. pathway to the stars. nation bids a final farewell to neil armstrong. >> you can now finally put out your hand even touch the face of god. this is the "cbs morning news" god. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, september 14, 2012. captioning funded by cbs good morning. i'm terrell brown. u.s. diplomatic missions are on high alert on concerns of anti-american protests. egypt remains the site of the longest and largest protest. this morning demonstrations moved from the u.s. embassy to the administrates of cairo. libyan officials said four arrests have been made on the attack on the u.s. consulate. according to libyan interior minister the attack was a two pronged operation, first the consulate in benghazi was stormed where chris steven's and another american were killed. the rest
americans killed in libya of a c-17 pyrrophyte >> for americans, for patriots, the love this country. >> secretary of state hillary clinton and hundreds of staff members, the four men were killed when the u.s. consulate in libya came under attack on tuesday >> today we bring home for americans who gave their lives for our country and our values. >> the obama's administration is pushing back against a british newspaper report that the state department and credible information about the attack 48 hours before it happened. >> the story is absolutely wrong. we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the u.s. mission was planned or imminent. >> violent demonstrations against the anti his lawn film spread across the moslem world friday. protesters breached the grounds of the u.s. embassy it indonesia and sudan, which they agree mom's ripping down the american flag and replacing it with a black flag of muslim extremists. >> for the very latest on information about the attacks and more from the ceremony honoring the americans, though tore website
chris stevens and his three staff members in libya. meanwhile danielle nottingham shows us more anti-american protest are erupting in the middle east. >> protesters climbed the gates of the u.s. embassy in the capital of yemen. they burn tires and rocks, expressing outrage over an anti muslim film on youtube. officials say all americans are safe. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is closely watching the unfolding demonstrations. >> we certainly hope and expect that there will be steps taken to avoid violence. >> in iraq more unrest. demonstrators in baghdad torched an american flag and in cairo egypt, police used tear gas to hold back thousands of angry protesters. at the secretary of state hillary clinton said again today that there is no justification for violence. but also addressed the video. >> we absolutely reject its contents, and message. >> tuesday night, violence at the u.s. consulate in libya and left four americans dead, including ambassador chris stevens, u.s. officials are trying to sort out what, if any role the protest against the film may have played o
death to america. afghan police say they shot in the air to hold back the crowds. in libya u.s. investigators are still trying to figure out the death of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans was premeditated or part of mass protests. when libya as president says it was a planned attack but others say it appears to be a spontaneous demonstration and extremists took over >> i think it is clear there are extremist elements that escalated the violence. whether they were al qaeda or libyan based, i think that's one of the things we will need to determine >> demonstrators acted and moved, this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> u.s. ambassador rice says it is too early to say of security should of been tighter at the missions in libya. in sudan and tunisia u.s.'s evacuating non-essential personnel and are urging american citizens to leave. for >> more attacks on coalition troops. the latest killings were at a checkpoint. four americans were killed early yesterday. the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff says an increase in insid
clinton faces tough questions today over that deadly consulate attack in libya. >> the only person to make fortune's 50 top women's list. but now fortune says she's barely hanging on. we'll ask oprah winfrey what she thinks about that. >> eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> my complain is about the 100% of america and i'm concerned about them. >> mitt romney fights back in florida. >> trying to turn the tables using the president's own words of a long time ago. >> republicans insist president obama's 1998 redistribution comments are represent what the president always believed and still believes. >> the trick is figuring out how do we structure government system that is pool resources and, hence, facilitate some redistribution, because i actually believe in redistribution. >>> top u.s. security official told a senate panel wednesday the deadly attack in libya september 11th in which the ambassador and three others were killed was a terrorist strike. >>> unemployment is way too high and home ownership is way too low, the recovery is happening. >>> federal jury has awarded a man more th
>> axelrod: tonight, turnabout in libya. angry protesters in benghazi turn on groups suspected of killing the u.s. ambassador. elizabeth palmer is there. his campaign is under fire from fellow republicans, but mitt romney says he's hanging tough. jan crawford and dean reynolds have the latest on campaign 2012. with arizona police now able to demand proof of legal residency, john blackstone shows us how immigrants are planning to cope. >> reporter: are you born here? >> you don't have to answer that. >> axelrod: and hawaii hazard. ben tracy is tracking a dock broken loose in japan's tsunami, now moving towards hawaii. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. the shock waves from that anti-islamic video are still reverberating in the muslim world this weekend. hundreds of protesters battled with police today in bangladesh, and thousands marched in nigeria as well. in libya, a new twist-- attacks on islamic militia groups the residents say the libyan army has failed to control. in benghazi, elizabeth palmer saw the wors
an assault on the embassy in libya tuesday. >>> we must send a clear and resolute message those who attack our people will find no escape from justice >>> as demonstration subside altai that urges protesters to keep up attacks on u.s. embassies around the globe. >>> google said no to the white house when it was asked if it would reconsider its decision to keep the club on youtube google owns youtube and is censoring the video after blocking it in egypt and libya. it is restricting the video to comply with local law not as a response to political pressure in. a wildfire still burns near one of l a is cultural landmarks when firefighters expect to gain control. alert to san jose state students the incident prompted the warning and,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> one of l.a. is cultural landmarks reopened even know what fire burns nearby interrupted yesterday near civil but up to pull the past causing the getty center to closed. firefighters have at 40 percent surrounded expect to contain it tomorrow. no reports of any injuries. oakland police department runs into a staffing problem at its lowest level in
. >>> there is disagreement between the u.s. ambassador to the united nation and libya as president over how the attack killed four americans and in gauzy began to investigators or bit of anti-american protests are still spreading for up the muslim world. >>> demonstrators burned american flags. and threw rocks at police outside the u.s. consulate in pakistan. the clashes erupted on sunday when hundreds of people broke through a barrier near the complex. officials say the u.s. stepped inside is safe. but as one protester is dead and several others are injured good protest against an anti is a movie produced in america exploded this what past week. a ambassador chris stevens had three other americans died in and also in libya. on face the nation u.s. ambassador to the admission said that evidence shows the attack began as a spontaneous protests. >>> it's clear the worst extremist elements that the joint and escalated the violence. >>> a libyan president disagrees and believes it was premeditated. >>> the with the perpetrators acted moved and chose a specific date with this so-called demonstration this leaves u
was intelligent that official says the north african affiliate may be to blame for the attack on libya. the attack killed four people including the u.s. ambassador to libya. the national counter-terrorism unit said testified in congress investigating crude attack happened in a protest. mello and actress in the video from a fraud and slander suit against a filmmaker. see says she was duped cling to a controversial dialog was dubbed in after her involvement in the project. >>> happened a month ago in a large refinery in the country grew the no reports or-in this fire. >>> he should call ahead if you have a flood of american airlines or its regional character of the eagle. american has canceled 300 flights this week alone. a high number of recent on a high number of pilots calling in sick since they rejected the latest contract offer. it currently going through bankruptcy restructuring. an analyst says the recent drop in crude prices coupled with the end of the is the driving season could make less is low at the gas pump. national price for a gallon of widow is the 385. to americans either ended up w
of an ambassador in libya, how the united states is responding to the growing violence >> delays at sfo up to 49 minutes due to the fog. the forecast is still ahead >> if you are a bart rider we're hearing about some delays and systemwide. we're about that and get a look at the roadways >> >> the fire at a school in menlo park is being treated as a crime scene. it has been burning for about two hours now and firefighters are still in defensive mode. >> patrick is at the beach would school in menlo park. >> this is a stubborn one. it has been on fire now since 4:00 a.m.. this trailer is located behind the school. the trailer is used either as an administration building or as a temporary classroom, mostly made of wood and when you look at the pictures, the flames are so stubborn. firefighters had to cut open a chance to fight the flames. you can see it is still not under control. no word on how it started the fire crews are still having trouble knocking it down. an investigator tells us what is going on >> the cause is under investigation so once the fire has been suppressed and it is safe to do s
: charlie d'agata in benghazi, libya. plus, david martin on who might be behind the attack. and holly williams on spreading anti-american violence. the federal reserve pumps more money into the economy. wyatt andrews on who will benefit and who won't. the drought and tough choices. jim axelrod with a man who helps decide where the water will go. and a final good-bye to the first man on the moon from the last. >> farewell, my friend. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. if a single picture captured the story of the day, it had to be this one. protesters bashing a heavily fortified door in the middle eastern country of yemen, the sign they've ripped down says, "embassy of the united states." anti-american violence spread in the region today, fueled by anger or a once-obscure internet movie that ridicules islam, a film produced in the united states but one that has been condemned by the u.s. government. a mob attacked but did not break in to the u.s. embassy in yemen. in telephone calls today, p
>>> islamic upset. the film depiction of prophet muhammad sparks protests in egypt and libya and here in the u.s. the violence is setting off a firestorm. eye on iran. israel's prime minister said the u.s. is not doing enough to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before israel. >> and apple announcement, the tech world gets set as apple gets ready to announce it's next generation iphone. this is "cbs morning news" for wednesday, september 12, 2012. good morning, everybody. i'm terrell brown. this morning the state department is condemning actions that left two americans dead. one diplomat was killed. during an attack on the american consulate in libya. heavily armed militants opened fire and set the consulate on fire. they stormed the embassy in egypt. it was sparked by a video which ridicules islam and the prophet muhammed. the director is now in hiding. the incident set off a political firestorm in this country. we go to susan mcginnis in
the demonstration. libya is president disagrees. he says was a well-planned attack i think it was clear that there were extremist elements that joined in the past led to violence. one of the word extremist, phillips i think this stuff is one thing these approaches acted and moved in and it leaves us with no doubt that this was predetermines the attack did to religious and if the security shirt and tie in libya. analysts is the back with a number of essential personnel from the embassies there encouraging citizens to leave it. >>> more taxes and coalition troops in a checkpoint. four americans were killed yesterday. the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff's as an increase in insider taxes and give serious threat to the war effort. the attacks are the last gasp of a talent and insurgency. >>> so the school in chicago for 350 dozen students and 25,000 student teachers prepared to don't plan to vote on it until tomorrow. in a manner as chicago city officials tried to get a court order to end this strike which is the its second week. >>> it is marking the innocents protest began again
battled back and two people killed. the body of the four americans killed in tuesday's attack in libya arrived back in the united states. nancy cordes shows us the emotional homecoming. ♪ >>> the remains of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others carried off a military plane into a hangar where the president and other dignitaries state department staffers and victims families waited. >>> a difficult week for the state department and for our country. >>> an emotional secretary clinton paid tribute to each man. >>> sean smith joined the state department after six years in the air force. tyrone woods spanned two decades as a navy seal serving multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan glendora the went by bubka also a former steel and experience paramedic. she sate for last the ambassador she had and selected to help the libyan people build a new government >>> i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens know not just for his courage before smile and goofy but contagious for his sense of fun and that california cool. >>> president obama call the four victims patriots refused to bac
in the gaza. >>> a heckler shouted at when mitt romney she was talking about the victims of libya. the heckler was upset about the criticism of president obama's criticism rich a soil were thinking about >>> he the are you criticizing lived at? >>> romney supporters of gun the protesters out a chance of usa usa. >>> the metal to be responsible for the entire muslim movie is hiding out in southern california. the government sources say 55 you're on the is the man behind the film. he is a convicted felon who is on probation for financial crimes in. he is sticking up the house where he is believed to lived on the southern california. no one has come to the door could >>> many members of the church here are currently in the bigger for a convention in pleasanton. in churches and worshipers led the nuggets in the movie and people with anti islamic views. it is no audit behind it hit the is the truth behind it. none of that move has a result of this of my belief that i speak for my church as well. >>> the r eight charges in the pit with a total of about 83000 members. >>> this call with the student i
house that failed to protect american dip romats when they came under deadly attacks in benghazi, libya. >> do you have any regrets about producing the film? >> brennan: in southern california, authorities question but do not arrest the mystery man linked to the film that has inflamed parts of the muslim world. lee cowan tracks the investigation. today, california starts collecting sales taxes for every online purchase. ben tracy walks us through amazon's one million square foot response. and the royal family is not amused. seth doane has the latest on the photographs that have palace insiders seeing red. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> brennan: good evening. i'm margaret brennan. the pace of anti-american protests eased a bit today. u.s. marines arrived in yemen to bolster security at the american embassy. but another contingent was refused entry to sudan. the state department says tonight, it's ordering all non-essential personnel to leave both sudan and tunisia, these developments four days after the violent on theus consulate in libya that killed the u
an investigative panel will look into the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the attack that killed christopher stevens was a terrorist attack. >> reporter: at a solemn memorial service, libya's president paid his respects to ambassador christopher stevens. u.s. deputy secretary of state william burns had earlier flown into the capital under tight security. behind-the-scenes an fbi team is preparing to fly to benghazi to investigate the attack. the compound behind these walls is the major crime scene but any evidence left inside will have been badly contaminated by looters and curious local people who flooded in after the attack. here's what eyewitnesss, officials and libyan commanders in charge that night have told us. sometime around 9:30 p.m. about 70 armed men attacked the consulate's main gates with guns and heavy weapons. they then stormed in, overwhelming local and american security. with all four buildings on fire the libyan government ordered a local militia to the rescue. that militia helped to ferry 31 americans and the body of sean smith out the back gate in armored cars to a house
several militia outposts in libya. libya's president said all militias must agree to government control or disband. >>> back in this country, what does the future hold for secretary of state hillary clinton? she's retiring at the end of president obama's first term and some speculate she may run for president come 2016. yesterday on "face the nation," bob schieffer asked her husband what he thought. >> i just don't know. she's an extraordinarily able person. i never met anybody i thought was a better public servant. but i have no earthly idea what she will decide to do. >> president clinton says whatever his wife decides he's for her first, last and always. >>> this morning firefighters in washington state are making progress against several major wildfires burning in central washington. the largest is table mountain fire has burned more than 30,000 acres. on sunday two mountain cabins run by the forest service were destroyed. about 200 homes remain under mandatory evacuation. >>> a significant clue to the cause of breast cancer may have been found. nature the scientific journal report
killed in an attack in libya in because he. tomorrow here on l, talk, remems there was a ticket on the milk carden that to get you to be game for free. >>> californian voters have the chance to abolish the death penalty in november. the debate over prop. 34. and you are a last look at the weather forecast today >>> things are going to he the. today we will be in the extended. he'd advisory beginning in the bay area beginning tomorrow nineties in the bay. it is rare so enjoy it prayed >>> de the will be breaking any new records? >>> no. at the will come close. >>> a guy in washington state popping the question to his girlfriend after one month of davy. dating. the proposal by a flash rom. he was joined by his church groups. she said yes. >>> tempo,,,,,,,,
of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans in libya has his united states in increasing security admissions all run on watt. >>> we have more information in the protest storming the embassy in yemen today. are we just learned that protesters chanted death to america and burn the american divide. there were able to breach the compound get home runs by breaking through the fortified the protesters of to make it inside. security officers an open letter in the air to hold off the protesters. document condemns acts of violence come on his diplomatic personnel and facilities. clashes in cairo became violent again. security forces fired tear gas to try and disperse the crowd. diller hundreds of demonstrators and some through what sprint and witnesses who saw protesters carrying control bombs. he gun not to allow a tax on foreign embassies in cairo. hot the white house's been working over night to step up security at u.s. missions around the world. the final impact of protest is not escape in politics. mitt romney called it disgraceful. the u.s. embassy in cairo express regret that an am
.s. ambassador to libya. a resident of the city shocked if the deal with this stuff on which shows a group of libyan strike to rescue chris stevens after finding him guilty of live inside the consulate. eventually drove him to our hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >>> a big jump a plan to land in the american river. study get caught in the tree. a jump for the force the bridge and auburn of the make all the way down. now he's finally in trouble if or jumping off the highest rich in california and if, is hoping for signs of december to amend the was last seen traveling on a contract california zephyr train. this narrow was a retired firefighter kevin to follow a visit his family in montreal. he was thus in five days ago near omaha on the bus at at the conductor who said he appeared disoriented. >>> if you was disoriented and wandered off he could of fallen and could be on the side of the tracks. >>> nemesis was taking medication ft hard pines and diabetes. mid boarded that this effort in and review it and was scheduled to transfer trains in chicago. >>> chris morris is retiring a
the president after the embassy attacks in egypt and libya... >> the first response of united states must be outrage. >> reporter: ...then getting sidetracked by the fallout from the leaked video from a fund- raiser in which he said 47% of americans who pay no federal income tax were victims and dependent on government. at the same time, the president has seen his poll numbers rise. romney is lag, behind in battles ground states such as virginia, florida, ohio, and wisconsin. mr. obama seems to be solidifying his support in states some thought could tilt for romney. in pennsylvania, a new "philadelphia inquirer" poll has the president up by 11, 50% to 39%. to beef up operations, it must win states like colorado and nevada, the campaign pulled staff from new mexico air, state romney had once hoped to capture. in a shift in strategy, campaign sources say romney will step up his campaigning to engage more with voters. he'll offer more specifics on his economic plans and how they would affect average americans. he also will appear more often in his own television ads. >> we've got to stop spe
department employees in benghazi, libya. the attack on the u.s. consulate there may have been motivated in part by an american-made internet video that ridicules islam. nancy cordes is at the u.n. tonight. nancy? >> reporter: scott, the president today delivered an extended defense of free speech rights here at the u.n. in an address that appeared to be aimed at leaders from the muslim world. >> i would like to begin today by telling you about an american named chris stevens. >> reporter: the president told world leaders today that the slain u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, had gone to benghazi to establish a cultural center and help modernize a hospital. >> today we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: it's still unclear what motivated the terrorist attack, but president obama focused on that anti-muslim video made in california, explaining why the u.s. can't and won't ban a movie that mr. obama himself described as "crude and disgusting." >> i know that not all countries in this body share this particular understan
. he urged world leaders to reject extremism citing the murder of the u.s. ambassador in libya and three others. >> i would like to begin today by telling you about an american named chris stevens. >> reporter: the president told world leaders that the slain u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, had gone to benghazi to establish a cultural center and help modernize a hospital. >> today we must declare this violence and intolerance has no place. >> reporter: it's still unclear what motivated the terrorist attack but president obama focused on that anti-muslim video made in california explaining why the u.s. can't and won't ban a movie that mr. obama himself described as crude and disgusting. >> i know that not all countries in this body share this particular understanding of the protection of free speech. we recognize that. but in 2012 at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spread offensive views around the world with the click of a button, the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. >> reporter: a lot has changed since this group of leaders met a
continue in cairo. >> demonstrations across the region from iran and iraq to gaza, to yemen, to libya and morocco. >> and violence is putting u.s. embassies across the middle east on high alert. >> libyan officials state four arrests have been made in the attack on the u.s. consulate. >> ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack. >> they were good and brave men. >> the federal reserve, planning to buy up mortgage debt to get the economy rolling. it will spend $40 billion a month on bonds until home buying is affordable again. >> investors certainly like what they heard. the dow rose yesterday, finishing up 206 points. >> what bernanke is doing is saying what the president is doing is wrong. president saying the economy is coming back. bernanke is saying, no, it's not. i've got to print more money. >> do you think there's a chance you could lose this election? >> oh, absolutely. >> duke and duchess of cambridge seem to be angry after a french magazine publish nude photos of kate. >>> bear has a dramatic evening, climbing trees and taking a dip in a sw
finally come home. >> the people of egypt, libya, yemen and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictate orfor the tyranny of a mob. >> with just 52 days until the election president obama is leading mitt romney in the polls. and the number of americans who believe the country is going in the righting direction is at a three year high. >> another royal scandal reminiscent of paparazzi chasing princess diana. topless pictures of kate middleton are released. this time the royals are fighting back. >> a new menu at mcdonald's. it will tell you how many calories are in your burgers and fries. all that and so much more on cbs "this morning," saturday, september 15, 2012. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning welcome to the weekend. . >> happy saturday. >> a lot of news this morning. we begin this morning with a story that has angered muse limgs arou -- muslims around the world. as demonstrations against the film continue to spread to nearly two dozen countries. carter evans of our los angeles station is in cerritos, south of l.a. >> reporter: good morning. after being holed up at his hom
.s. ambassador who was killed in libya. he'll say the future has to be determined by people like chris stevens and not people like his killers. the video which prompted those attacks in the middle east, the video about muhammad, he'll say that nothing justifies those kinds of attacks. and on iran, he's going say that a nuclear-armed iran is a challenge that cannot be contained. charlie, norah. >> bill, why no one on one bilateral meetings between the president and world leaders? >> reporter: well, simply put, charlie, the president is playing it safe in an election year. he's letting secretary of state hillary clinton do all of those bilats. last year he did 13 of them. this year, none. but it's really about politics. he did find time in his schedule when he was here yesterday to meet with the women of the television program "the view." but of course he needs votes from women, and they have a lot of women viewers. so, you know, this may not be a political speech, but it will be his version of the world as opposed to mitt romney's. >> and bill, speaking of needing voters, the president's not ev
>>> u.s. ambassador to libya at christopher stephens the three other americans are dead after protesters in he had. it's nice. stevens was born and raised in northern california he is a graduate degree in houston berkeley and a j.d. from the university of southern california have hastings college it happened on to state government charged the consulate and set fire to the building. protesters but andrew l. a film that criticizes mohammad. is to translate into arabic and posted on you too. >>> don't make of people angry. because they will kill you. pitt >>> the towards the american flag and replace it with an islamic better. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton insisted mid sang is no justification for violent acts. it is not been confirmed by the state department and it is unclear whether they were killed as part of the attack on the consulate in the city. >>> of the sudden 91 people or a kit after funniest look at two factories in pakistan. most of those killed were of a garment factory to achieve today. the shoe factory could be the victims were unable to escape because t
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